Sunday, August 12, 2007

Coconut Honey

Coconut Honey Recipe


coconut skim milk
stabilizer (sodium alginate)

expeller or press
centrifuge (separator)
blender or colloid mill
stainless steel cooking vessel
can sealer
Packaging Material: 2T cans or sterilized glass jars with new PVC caps


Extract coconut milk as described under coconut syrup (steps 1-4).
Store milk preferably in the cold to allow separation of cream from the water portion (skim milk). Collect the skim milk. (Separation may also be accomplished with the use of a centrifuge.)
To one (1) part of the skim milk, add ½ part sugar and ½ part corn syrup.
Blend with sodium alginate (stabilizer) in a concentration of 0.5% of the mixture.
Heat the mixture over steam for 15 minutes, pass thru a colloid mill and cook with constant stirring on a steam jacketed kettle to a temperature of 104°C (220°F). At this temperature, total soluble solids reading is about 76-77%.
Pour hot product into sterilized container and seal completely. Cool and label.

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